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About us

Company Overview

eHouse"s operations span 3 segments that capitalize on Russia"s rapidly growing internet and mobile commerce markets. eHouse has impressive market shares, blue chip customers & strong intellectual property.

Our projects:

Full-service online advertising agency. One of Russia"s original Internet advertising agencies (founded in 1999). Clients include Sony, Ericsson, HP, Intel, Nissan among others. Manifest has developed several in-house technologies, including:
  • Pixelaudit™, end user monitoring response tool
  • Brandnet™ System, a strategic marketing tool
  • Easyrich™ Service, a tool to manage Rich Media Format

Banner Exchange Platform. Creation/management of virtual banner networks. BannerBank® delivers over 1.5 Billion ad impressions/month to 1.3+ Million unique users (over 50% market share). The largest banner network in Russia.

Mobile Advertising platform
ADT Web Solutions

Web design & development, content manager and analytics provider. One of the top 10 web and content providers in Russia: clients include Xerox, Pepsi and Unilever.

An e-commerce marketing service provider. Provides marketing and advertising services to other web portals, including SEO, e-couponing and loyalty/discount cards, etc. Allshops" loyalty/discount card program has 1.4 million consumers.

The Intelligent Solution for English-Russian Translation. EnRus provides translation and interpretation services from English into Russian. Our agency is at the top of its specialty fields: IT and medicine.

A B2B web portal connect Russian and Asian customers. The largest database of Asian-based export oriented companies including 10,000+ companies with over 1.4 million products.

Social dating and network platform.
  • MayBe is Russia"s oldest social media provider with 630,000 active users
  • Optimized for mobile communications & communities
  • 988,000 visitors (Aug-2010) who spent an average of 21.5 minutes on the site per visit

E-commerce logistics provider. One of the largest courier and payment service providers for e-commerce in Russia.